Birch tree rug

I am having a ball experimenting with crochet hexagons! I’ve got little stacks in my room in different colours that grow and grow every time I have a spare hour to myself. I’m looking forward to when I have enough to be able to sew them together into a rug – soon!

My favourite thing is the way the different textures and thicknesses mix together. The shiny gold, the thick moss green, the emerald green and the white with black flecks mixed together remind me of a birch tree forest, hence the Birch Tree Rug.


I’ve also been working to meet my major knitting deadline of the year: the big blue blanket, which is due at the end of May. I only have a tiny corner to go and rows are just flying off the needles! I spent Easter weekend, plus another full week, in Melbourne and the weather was beautiful enough to spend a couple of days sitting in the backyard (photo below) to knit and soak up the sun.

Screen Shot 2017-05-06 at 2.24.33 pm


One thought on “Birch tree rug

  1. Katie Writes Stuff says:

    Fabulous combination of colours! That will make a gorgeous rug when it’s finished. I do love the way crochet lends itself to making very distinct shapes – it’s so satisfying to experience that little thrill of a job well done multiple times over in a project.

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