A Day in Stripes and Flower Crowns

Last week I weaved in the final ends of my stripy cotton crop top! I’m extremely excited about this one – the cotton feels absolutely gorgeous against my skin, the two shades of blue are lovely and yay for stripes!

IMG_8487I made the pattern up as I went along (as usual) and didn’t take as many notes as I should have… The back has a much lower, deeper V than the front and for the straps I decided to go with two strands of i-cord on each side. I like the double straps – it makes the top feel solid, like it isn’t going to just fall off.

You won’t be surprised to know that I’ve already cast on another top in a lighter shade of blue! For this new one I will cast on fewer stitches so it’s more pulled in around my waist, and I will make the i-cords a couple of centimetres longer but with smaller needles, and use three stitches instead of four per round. I’m still in the sketching/planning stage, but I am toying with the idea of giving the front a slightly deeper v-neck.

IMG_8514Knitting photo shoots almost always involve me dragging my brother away from whatever he’s doing and forcing him to take photos until I am satisfied with them. I wouldn’t say he’s exactly gracious about the situation, but he does it anyway!



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