Surprise gift from Lynda!

Last week I received a surprise package from Lynda, my friend and yarn-lover from the south coast! Inside the package was:

  • a card responding to an email I’d sent earlier that week, and which Lynda referred to as her ‘snail-mail madness!’
  • 50 grams of beautiful cotton from Steph’s Fabric, a store on the south coast – I have not visited there yet, but it comes highly recommended and is now of course on my list!
  • and a bar of handmade olive oil soap that smells like lemongrass and lavender and which made the entire contents of the package smell divine!

I’m so lucky to have so many supportive, generous friends who inspire me with their creative lives. Lynda, extremely talented in various types of needlecraft, will be releasing her own knitting patterns and tutorials soon!


One thought on “Surprise gift from Lynda!

  1. Lynda Gilfeather says:

    Thanks Aleesha! What a lovely acknowledgment :)) I find you so inspiring and endlessly creative! Steph’s is indeed a paradise for the crafty chicks and roosters :))


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