January recap: Rugs!

Apart from the odd cotton bikini or denim crop, January was almost exclusively devoted to rug-making. To say that I’ve developed an obsession is probably an understatement. Addiction has been thrown around by some and, although I’d love to say “I can stop anytime I want!” I really, really can’t now. My fabric yarn stash has increased by about 400 per cent (there was a sale) so I will keep on making rugs for the foreseeable future.

On to the rugs!

The Rose Rug

I bought the fabric for this rug from Sew and Tell, a needlecraft store in a town called Berry along the Aussie South-East coast. I saw them and fell immediately in love. A soft baby pink, a dusty pink with a hint of shine, and the most perfect rosy shade – and the first white cake of fabric yarn I’ve ever seen in real life. Every second of making this rug was delightful. I couldn’t be more thrilled with how the colours came together, particularly by how the brilliant shade of white really gives it that eye-catching quality.

And I tried a new border finishing – instead of lining the edge with Vs, I used straight lines instead.It’s definitely a softer finishing that lets the white in the middle sections be the star.


Fifty Shades of Grey Rug

I started this one at a weekend away at my Abuela’s house. It’s the most experimental of all the designs. It’s also the squishiest. It is so soft, you could wrap yourself up in it and use it as a blanket. I’d like to try this one again with firmer fabric and see how the design holds.


The Citrus Rug

These colours I also picked up from the Berry store. The shades of blue are fantastic, but the heroine of this rug is definitely the highlighter green. It was the first one I reached for. It just gives it the perfect POP and inspired it’s citrus name. In terms of design, how Spanish is this rug? All the crisscross Vs and lines and even the blend of colours reminds me of the intricate patterns you’d find in Spanish tiles from the middle ages.


Of course there are already more rugs currently in progress and other combos lined up. February is likely to be as rug-obsessed as January!


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