Learning How to Make a Mandala Rug

Current crochet designer crush: Laura aka Susi Miu. Have you seen her Instagram account? Her designs are gorgeous, her photography is flawless, she herself is gorgeous and flawless – I have scrolled through (read: studied in alarming detail) every Insta photo, more than once. I even practised my spanish and read her blog.

I came across her designs on Pinterest after I’d finished my first two rugs. Though I was super pleased with them (such bright, happy colours!) I was looking for inspiration for something more complex (I was also procrastinating… it was Pinterest after all!). I hit the jackpot with Susi Miu.


I like visually unpacking a pattern – looking at a photograph of something beautiful and figuring it out row by row. I could see part of the design included these thick twisted-looking stitches that seemed to be crocheted into the row below. I’m a knitting gal, so I’d never heard of crocheting through the front post. On some rugs they were arranged in Vs and sometimes they were straight lines. Because of the changes in colour, they reminded me of stained glass windows.

It took me five nights to figure out how the different stitches were achieved, either with the growing rug on my lap or, later, hunched over on the ground feverishly working the hook. Of course there was plenty of ripping out, but after every completed row, I would sit back and admire it. I could’ve gone on adding rows forever, only I ran out of yarn.

Speaking of, I took some time picking out the colours – mellow green, soft yellow, deep pink and blue. They looked so pretty sitting together in a row. Even prettier now! And so soft.

I am, typically, almost finished another one, this time in varying shades of grey and black. Will post photos soon!




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