First project of 2017

My lovely, much needed Christmas break is over! It was a perfect balance of lying on my bed all day and constant, busy activity.

My plans to knit and crochet the whole week long were dashed when my doctor told me I wasn’t allowed to knit with acrylic until the summer was over due to sudden extreme dry skin on my hands. This meant I couldn’t work on my giant acrylic blanket. L – A – M – E.

Other more summery fibres were still okay though, so when I flew up to Byron Bay for a few days, I took some denim yarn with me. I wanted to design something a bit more complicated than my usual summer top. I crocheted green triangle cups and a bunch of tiny yellow and pink circles to use as a border. I wanted a dangly fringe, but the regular circles weren’t heavy enough so I crocheted around metal key rings to give them weight. It’s a bit fiddly to put it all together, but I’m pleased with how it’s turning out!

I’m also using a project bag I made for myself years ago – I recently found it again. The pattern is so bright and colourful, I’m loving it!



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