A Holly Jolly Knitmas: WIPs

Knitmas is upon us and I have a list (checked twice) of knitting and crochet projects to finish! This is the first Christmas in a few years that I’ve decided to not make gifts for anyone but to dedicate the break to getting through those unfinished projects instead. So most of the items on this list are destined to go straight onto my Etsy shop. In saying that, the first project on the list is actually a gift for someone, but isn’t due for another six months, which is lucky because that’s how long I’m going to need to finish it.

Blue Beach Blanket

I do like alliteration. Extra B-word descriptors would be ‘Boyfriend’ and ‘Birthday’ as that is who this blanket is for and the day it needs to be finished by. Including today, I have 164 days of knitting left and approximately 650 rows to go. When it’s done, it will be big enough to cover a queen-sized bed. I wasn’t ever really daunted by the size, even though I’m using 8ply wool on 4mm needles and it’s hundreds of hours of stockinette stitch. I’m using variegated blue/white/purple acrylic yarn and loving how it’s turning out. The colour combo reminds me of the beach, which maybe makes it easier to knit a winter item through the summer.


Mandala Rug

Pictured below are two rugs I’ve made. Over the weekend I started my first mandala rug – no photos yet! Although crochet was the first needlecraft I learned, I haven’t developed my crochet pattern knowledge as much as I have for knitting, so reading patterns has been difficult. It’s easier to figure out the stitches from pictures, so I’ve been trawling Pinterest. When making rugs in the past I’ve always used a 10mm hook, but this time I’m using a 15mm hook – super into XXL crochet at the moment. The fabric, a cotton/polyester blend, feels wonderfully thick beneath bare feet. I adore colour and I think I’ve picked some winners in my latest rug design, if I do say so myself. I’m figuring out the pattern as I go (plenty of frogging rows…) but I might write it up in a new blog post when I’m happy with it.


Loose-knit Jumper

This is another design that still needs the kinks worked out. Almost there though! I bought an extra ten balls of yarn, so once the design is finalised I’ll be able to make five (maybe more?) jumpers for selling. They’ll be one-size-fits-small-to-large. I’ve been wearing the original unacceptable design everywhere and it’s actually fantastic despite its flaws.


Chunky Necklaces

I adore making these! They’re quick, they’re easy, they use up leftover yarn and there’s room for creativity. And I love wearing them! I’ve come up with a colour-and-yarn combo that I’m thrilled about – I’d like to make ten more over the Christmas break, ready to go up in the shop in the first week of January.


Future projects

  • More rugs! I sold my first rug last week, so I’d like to make more, especially to perfect the mandala design.

  • I’ll be making Jared Flood’s Rift jumper for my boyfriend, probably also due by his birthday…

  • I owe my dad a scarf. It’s a third of the way done, so I just need to commit a week or two to it.

Wish me luck on getting through this list of WIPs and hope you all have a festive Christmas!


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