The trials and tribulations of a new jumper design

Over the last couple of weeks I’ve been working on a new pattern for a simple loose-knit jumper. Every time I work on a new design, it’s just a given that the first go is going to be a bit crap. And yet I’m still half-hopeful I’ll slip on a freshly-seamed garment and go ‘Woah! Got it in one!’

Which brings us to my jumper design! I picked this really fantastic 4ply acrylic yarn – it is so soft and has this gorgeous blue and white tie-dye, almost denim, effect.

I used 12mm needles and knit each section – front, back and two sleeves – in separate, flat pieces. To get a drop shoulder, I cast on an extra four stitches on each side (total of eight) at the underarm bit and then decreased when I reached the shoulder. In an attempt to achieve that shoulder slope, I did a loose bind off. I did this for the front and back. I seamed the sleeves and attached them to the body using my 4mm crochet hook.

The problems…

Firstly, the loose bind off was unnecessary and a mistake. When I seamed the front and back shoulders together, these large holes appeared. Secondly, crocheted seams and loose-knit designs do not go together! The crocheted seam was too chunky for the design.

I also underestimated the amount of drape the loosely-knit jumper would have. The scoop of the neck turned out too low and was overall too wide for my shoulders.

I considered undoing it, but after a week of contemplation, I decided I can salvage this one by flipping it around so the front becomes the back. Now the neckline sits at my collarbone and the back has a trendy deep scoop with a ribbon connecting the two sides together, making sure it doesn’t slip off my shoulders.

I’ve already started Prototype Number Two but in the meantime below is the unacceptable first one in all it’s glory!





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