The Perfect Crochet Crop Top

The inspiration for today’s blog post comes from Facebook’s On This Day app. In 2012, holed up in my university library, I sent the world an update:

‘Is it awkward if I start crocheting a bra in the library? And by start I mean I’ve already finished one cup.’

What insight does this four-year-old status give us? Aside from my obvious highly developed wit, it reveals that my search for the perfect crochet crop top was well underway, even then.

I love making crop tops because they’re so easy and fun, and I love wearing them for the exact same reason! I wore my ‘perfect’ crop top all weekend, through every change in weather. With jeans and a leather jacket, no leather jacket and an ice cream, layered underneath a see-through top. I’m a huge fan of versatility (and also ice cream).


So crop tops are pretty perfect already. What makes my crop top stand out from all the rest?

T-shirt yarn! Ta-da!

I’ve experimented with wool, bamboo, cotton and other materials of varying ply. They all make lovely garments, but I wanted something less malleable, something I could wear without worrying that it might fall apart or slip off. T-shirt yarn gives the top precisely this sturdiness that other materials can’t. It’s smooth to touch, it doesn’t itch, and feels cool on a hot day.

Plus, the variegated shades of raspberry pink give this top the perfect summery pop!


The yarn I used specifically called for a 5.5mm hook, meaning it was much thinner than other types of t-shirt or spaghetti yarn, which normally need a 10 or 15mm hook. I did end up trying out the chunkier yarns, but those experiments did not result in perfect crop tops…

I’ll be whipping up some more of these as the days become warmer – keep an eye out!




One thought on “The Perfect Crochet Crop Top

  1. Lynda Gilfeather says:

    Awesome Aleesha! You’re through the Portal of Self-Promotion now, and there’ll be no looking back! How much more satisfying is this compared to a day job? What a silly question! !! Hahaha! Love the dress, the top and the rugs. You’ll have a staff of 11 before ypu know it. :)) Congratulations and well done.


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